Zo Tretinoin Cream 0.1% Perrigo


Zo Skin Health Tretinoin uses the healing abilities of Vitamin A and delivers it in an easy to use topical skincare cream. The reason that Obagi Tretinoin is so powerful is because it is formulated in a way that is “ready to use” – meaning that when it gets absorbed into your body, it can instantly and naturally be transformed to usable Vitamin A, the precursor needed that leads to increased skin cell growth to build new elastin and collagen.

Used to treat multiple skin conditions : acne vulgaris, hyperpigmentation / discoloration, sun damage, and premature aging. Zo makes Tretinoin molecules so uniquely small that the skin can absorb a higher percentage of the cream. With the increased yield of retinoic acid, this is the solution for clear looking and healthy skin.

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