Zo Cellulite Control Body Smoothing Cream


Cellulite-minimizing formula works to smooth hips, thighs + buttocks. A breakthrough blend of ingredients works around the clock to minimize the appearance of thigh contour and the visible signs of cellulite. Visibly smooths hips, thighs and buttocks for a slimmer appearance.

By smoothing the skin, ZO Skin Health reduces the ‘orange peel’ appearance which is a classic sign of cellulite. While it not only visibly improves the texture and appearance of existing cellulite, it works cohesively to prevent new cellulite by improving microcirculation and reducing cellulite contour. ZO Skin Health helps repair and restore the skins natural barrier function and encourages collagen to help firm the skin and banish existing cellulite.

  • Smooths skin and helps diminish “orange peel” appearance
  • Provides a slimming and toning effect
  • Restores hydration

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Additional information

Key Ingredients

• Plankton extract: Helps provide a slimming and toning effect
• Saccharide isomerate: Helps reduce visible fat deposits that occur at night
• Methylsilanol carboxymethyl theophylline alginate: Minimizes the appearance of thigh contour
• Phosphatidylcholine: Aids in minimizing the visible signs of cellulite
• Caffeine, coenzyme A and carnitine: Aids in minimizing the visible signs of cellulite
• Chondrus crispus (carageenan) extract: Visibly improves the appearance of skin texture and of cellulite
• Glycerin and betaine: Keeps skin hydrated

Treatment Area(s)

• Hips
• Thighs
• Buttocks

How to Use

Use twice daily, morning and night on clean, dry skin. Apply liberally to any parts of the body with cellulite, and the surrounding areas, especially the hips, thighs and buttocks.

Customer Reviews

'Highly recommended if you can get your hands on it! I use this product on my hips, butt, and thighs (front and back). I started using it last week and love it. I have seen a little change of cellulite diminishing and cannot wait to continue seeing progress." – ★★★★★ Mary Martha, Verified Buyer

"I have been using this product since June 2017 after a significant weight loss in a short term and stretch marks on my upper arms. Definate improvement within 1 month. It is expensive but cheaper than plastic surgery which was not suggested or recommended by my dermatologist." – ★★★★★ Jude, Verified Buyer

"I'm pretty consistent with using this product, and between cupping regularly and this product, I have noticed a great reduction in the appearance of cellulite on the back of my legs." – ★★★★★ Anna, Verified Buyer

Product Size

150 G / 5.29 Oz.