An injectable, prescription medicine for reducing fat that cause double chins, back rolls, and lays on the stomach.

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Kybella is an injected, prescription medicine that is approved by the FDA for fat reduction in the submental area. Kybella breaks down stubborn fat deposits in the neck area that cause the appearance of a double chin. While only indicated for injection under the chin, some patients have seen successful fat reduction after Kybella injections in the stomach, back rolls, and above the knees and elbows.

About the Procedure

Submental fullness, commonly referred to as a double chin, can distort the appearance of the facial profile and cause embarrassment or personal unhappiness. When the fullness is caused by stubborn fatty deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise, Kybella can be used to dissolve the unwanted fat to improve neck contours. The active ingredient in Kybella is synthetic deoxycholic acid which aids in the breakdown and absorption of fat. When deoxycholic acid is injected directly into submental fat, the adipose tissue is destroyed. Over time, through the body’s natural metabolic processes, the fat cells are removed from the chin area via the lymphatic system and naturally dispelled. Before a Kybella treatment, a trained provider will determine if the injectable is the right procedure for the patient’s needs and develop a treatment plan. For best results, a series of injections are needed in 1 month intervals, up to 6 treatments in total. For patient’s whose double chin is also caused by sagging skin, a more invasive, direct neck lift may offer better results. Other treatment options for submental fullness also include surgical liposuction or Coolsculpting. Before injection, the chin and neck area will be cleansed. A temporary tattoo of a grid will be applied to the treatment area. The grid allows for precise, even injection of Kybella while ensuring that all major facial nerves are avoided. Typically, no numbing cream or local anesthesia is used. Most patients are able to tolerate treatment with just an ice pack application prior to and immediately after injection. Kybella will be injected into the skin at various points on the grid. The injection process will take between 15-20 minutes. The number of injections will depend on the degree of chin fullness. It is common for patients to experience soreness and swelling for at least 1 week and lasting as long as 2-4 weeks.

Commonly Treated Concerns

Kybella adresses concerns such as:
• Double Chin

Typical Cost Range

$1200 – $5400

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for Kybella has unwanted fat deposits in the chin and neck area that causes submental fullness.

Additional information

Average Cost


Concerns Treated

Kybella adresses concerns such as:
• Double Chin

Cost Range

$1200 – $5400




Is permanent

Procedure Pros

• effective treatment
• non-invasive

Procedure Cons

• multiple treatments
• results take several weeks

Recovery Notes

Recovery from Kybella injections only involves managing post-procedure swelling. Patients are advised to have Kybella injections several weeks in advance of any social events as obvious swelling can be seen for up to 6 weeks after treatment. Some patients experience voice hoarseness and discomfort after injection however this resolves within several hours. Hard nodules may be felt in the treatment area which will dissipate over time.

Recovery Time

3 weeks

Side Effects

Side effects from Kybella may include swelling in the chin, neck and chest area, soreness, redness, numbness, hoarse voice, discomfort, bruising, and hardness in the treatment area.

Surgical (Y/N)

Nonsurgical / Noninvasive