Utilizes freezing temperatures to refresh and invigorate the skin for a younger, smoother complexion.

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Cryofacials use freezing temperatures to refresh and invigorate the skin for a younger, smoother complexion. During a cryofacial, only liquid nitrogen gas at temperatures reaching -300¡F is used, no additional scrubs, chemicals, or serums are needed.

About the Procedure

The beneficial affects of subzero temperatures on the body have long been observed for improving sore muscles on athletes and more recently in medispas for invigorating full body treatments. Freezing temperatures have been shown to reduce inflammation and have a positive effect on reducing healing time. Most individuals who have done cryotherapy report feeling energized after treatment as well. Although not FDA approved or proven to show any medical benefits beyond inflammation reduction, cryotherapy is becoming increasingly popular as it becomes more readily available. Cryotherapy technology, while commonly used in full body treatment, is also used during face only treatments during a Cryofacial. Freezing temperatures of up to -300°F are used to stimulate blood flow to the treated areas, reducing inflammation and purportedly increasing collagen production, shrinking pores, and releasing toxins for instantly smoother, younger looking skin. Liquid nitrogen is vaporized in the machine’s hand piece and is directed to the treatment area several inches away from the face. During the Cryofacial, patients will lay comfortably on a table and experience minimal discomfort. Treatment sessions typically last 10-15 minutes and do not require patients to remove makeup. It is common for a Cryofacial to be combined with other skin treatments such as infrared light therapy. Treatments can be done twice weekly for continued improvement of skin complexion and inflammation.

Commonly Treated Concerns

Cryofacial adresses concerns such as:
• Uneven Skin Tone/Texture

Typical Cost Range

$55 – $65

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for a cryofacial wants to improve the appearance of inflammation with a quick, noninvasive procedure.

Additional information

Average Cost


Concerns Treated

Cryofacial adresses concerns such as:
• Uneven Skin Tone/Texture

Cost Range

$55 – $65





Procedure Pros

• no down time
• immediate results
• noninvasive

Procedure Cons

• not fda approved
• minimal results

Recovery Notes

There is no downtime or recovery period associated with a cryofacial.

Recovery Time

0 days

Side Effects

Side effects from a cryofacial are rare but may include skin burns if the facial is done incorrectly.

Surgical (Y/N)

Nonsurgical / Noninvasive